The Phoenix

“Out of the waters from nowhere came a ship with fierce red sails and a golden-flame bird, catching the wind and taking the waters towards adventure.”

The Phoenix is a mercenary ship owned by Captain Aphena. The ship isn’t widely known, but those that have seen it before or met the crew generally don’t forget it.

The ship was once a simple sailing vessel with mounted cannons known as the “DSS Scarecrow”, which was used by the Darksail Pirates. The ship had successfully stolen a precious emerald from the city of Orrenvor known as the Laak NaOrren (The Stone of the Sea) and hid away on Flint Isle until the pirates could harness the gem’s power. However, a small crew of mercenaries sent by the king of Orrenvor had wiped out the pirates and retrieved the stone, taking the DSS Scarecrow as collateral and re-purposing it as their own ship, which was renamed “The Phoenix”, as it rose from the ashes with a new life and new purpose.

The known crew of the ship are as follows:
Aphena Gnix (Captain)
Dorothy Warner (First Mate)
Yoblin (Lookout)
Sid (Fisherman/General crew)

Toren Eldary (Trial-run)
Talael Kyra (Trial-run)
Mr. Bobshadovahkiin (Trial-run)

Previous Members:
S’teru (Reason for leaving: Retired)
Jorvald Peters (Reason for leaving: Death)
Mahkoroh Grogro (Reason for leaving: Death)
Kitty Thundersnatch (Reason for leaving: Death)
Maxamillion Leonidis Glorybringer (Reason for leaving: Joined the Thession Empire)
Mark (Reason for leaving: Death)
Red ‘Sharkbait’ Feranth (Reason for leaving: Destiny [might return?])
Joseph McCullen (Reason for leaving: Death)
Prayton (Reason for leaving: Death)

The Phoenix, sailing towards a destroyed pirate ship.

The Phoenix

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