The Frontier - Aquatic Adventure (Phoenix Group)

Let's Play Modded- wait, what?

05/23/15 Session


“Says the guy who died!” -Toren and Prayton

Upon entering the final chamber, the crew were faced with a well-furnished living quarters. Inside, they found the elf needed for their quest. After spotting him, the group heard a voice from an unknown source go into a rant about “Modded Skyrim” or something of the sort. After meeting up, the elf challenged the party and drew his orange energy sword and golden key sword. The party fought bravely, and ended up defeating the elf. After a few moments, however, everyone’s vision went black, they saw a fighter in the blackness and heard words echo in their head that didn’t seem important or relevant, and found themselves back where they were before the fight!

The second fight started and the elf gave himself more armor, but the end result hadn’t changed. The party still managed to defeat the elf and, unfortunately, go switched reset back again. When the third fight began, the elf looked enraged and gave a bunch of shouts at the start of the fight which made him super-powered, causing a loud crack of thunder and enhancing his physical abilities by insane amounts. Even his magical abilities were enhanced, which was demonstrated as a large burst of ice dropped half the party unconscious. The remaining few standing were somehow able to pull off the victory and drop the elf once more. After the restart (what a surprise!) the elf decided he would simply stop the fight and see what the party wanted again.

Graveknight, who was done with the elf’s games, (ok, that’s funny, I don’t care who you are) demanded the brass box that belongs to Zo. After a moment, the elf realized what box he meant, and after hesitating, finally decided to give it over. When he magically looked it over, the Graveknight detected a large source from various party members, but detected a much larger power source behind them. the Graveknight demanded to know where the elf’s master was, and the elf denied even having a master. Finally, the Graveknight found who the target was (after pushing past Prayton), to everyone’s surprise, it was Red. The Graveknight contacted Zo, who decided he wanted to train Red. After a debate, Red decided it was his destiny to follow the Graveknight and go see Zo. The party gave their goodbyes and Red left with the Graveknight.

The elf asked if he could join alongside the Phoenix crew, but Captain Aphena had already left the room. Toren said it would probably be a swell idea and told him to follow him to see the captain. On the way out, the elf resurrected the other elf (Teldryn), the human fighter and vampire (Lydia and Serana), and the frost troll (Hektre), complementing the party for a job well done.

Outside the cave, a sniper descended from the trees, catching Aphena off guard. The sniper introduced herself as the same sniper the party met during the Casma NaLeille festival. After a re-greeting, Aphena decided she would put both the sniper (Talael) and the elf (Mr. Bobshadovahkiin (A.k.a. Bob)) on trial as new crew members. With the promise that if either mess up, they will pay dearly.

Back in Tohkvor, Green Blood left to go gather up any possible recruits for the Phoenix, while others went to go shopping. Well, some went shopping, others went on their own initiative. After buying a few gauntlets at the armorer, Joseph killed the shop owner and was caught by none other than Prayton. Prayton went through and looted the shop and turned the shopkeeper to ash to erase the evidence. From there, Joseph and Prayton walked down to the local tavern.

After talking about Joseph’s morals, Prayton put him to the test by spontaneously blasting everyone in the tavern and catching the tavern on fire. When guards responded to the scene, they began to arrest Prayton, but Prayton wouldn’t go down without a fight. As Joseph stood up to help the guards, he fired at Prayton, but his gun had trapped gunpowder (a tinkering that was done by Prayton), which triggered all the alchemist’s fire on Joseph’s person, killing him instantly. After that, Prayton was able to hold his own and defeat the five guards, but just barely, with an inch within his life. Prayton found an in-tact gun on Joseph’s body and began to make his escape out the door. However, when he opened the doors, countless guards had bows pointed at him. After a moment of absolute silence, Prayton drew his gun, fired at a few guards before getting finished off by a storm of arrows.

On the Phoenix, Dorothy was sent to get building supplies while Talael and Aphena had a drinking game where they would sit up in the crow’s nest and throw pebbles at Yoblin. After a while, Yoblin got a little too annoyed with their little game and cast a spell on both of them, finishing their drunken stupor with a deep sleep. With Sid’s help, Yoblin took the two from the crow’s nest and put them to bed.


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