The Frontier - Aquatic Adventure (Phoenix Group)

Filling up the Ship (A catch-up session)

05/30/15 Session

As the title suggests, this was a catch-up session after Will’s birthday. We didn’t get as far as Will’s gift, so that will have to come next time.

At the beginning of the session, the Phoenix was approached by a tiefling (a very rare race in the Frontier) who introduced himself as Cress T McGuiness; a doctor, and his nurse, Julie. As soon as Dorothy could tell them they already has a doctor, a courier dashed up to the Phoenix, bearing the news that Prayton and Joseph McCullen were found dead in town. With this news, Dorothy decided to wake the captain and see what she thought.

Woken up by a knock on the captain’s door, Talael looked and saw she was in bed with the captain, who currently had her in a sort of choking headlock and couldn’t get out. After crying for help, Talael was freed after Captain Aphena woke up. Talael nervously ran out of the room and down to the bottom floor of the ship to hide while Aphena went to address the problems out on the deck.

Aphena asked Cress T why he should be allowed on the ship, and that he had to prove his worth. Cress T, noticing Aphena was a little drunk, quickly shook up a bottle of Alechmist’s Mercy and gave it to Aphena, curing her of her drunken stupor. Yoblin took another dose down to Talael to cure her of her drunken-ness as well. After a short conversation, Aphena agreed to let Cress T onto the crew, not on a trial run, but in the new system she would explain to everyone later.

Shortly afterward, Toren spotted Green Blood coming back to the Phoenix with three other people. Aphena ordered them to line up so we could go through them one by one. Green Blood said he was also recommending himself join the crew, which Aphena accepted. The first person seemed pretty average, said he could do anything, or at least try. He was a human who called himself Jeffery. The second person was a lynxman who looked a little twitchy, but well armed. He introduced himself as Antonio. The last person was a dark-skinned half-elf who said he was a hand-to-hand expert. Green Blood vouched that he had seen this half-elf, who he introduced as Fleece, take down and incapacitate many people fairly quickly and expertly. Aphena accepted them all on as crew members and told Dorothy to round everyone up for a crew meeting in the kitchen.

Dorothy rounded everyone up, but when she got to Talael, she told her there was a crew meeting in the kitchen, then gave her a very intense stare and said she would be watching her. Closely.

When the crew met up in the mess hall, Aphena let everyone know that she was installing a new system, as the trial system didn’t seem to stop people from getting themselves killed and breaking rules. The new system still instated Aphena as captain and Dorothy as first mate. However, the rest of the crew would be divided up into two different ranks; Officers, and Grunts. Grunts were the lowest rank of crew mate and wouldn’t be allowed off the ship unless they were accompanied by an Officer. An Officer would be someone who is considered to be very trusted and hold rank above the grunts. The only Officer who was assigned that day was Yoblin, as he was the only one Aphena trusted enough for the job. Toren was assigned as the new chef, and Cress T was made the doctor. Afterward, Cress T brought up a few make-shift beds for those who had no rooms, as construction of the new rooms would begin the next morning.


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