Sid Ratliff

Drunkard Pirate


Race: Human
Status: Alive


“My job is to keep everyone on their feet, sober, and motivated to work. And I can accomplish all three of those things just by sittin’ and drinkin’ this ale.”

Sid is an old man who doesn’t ever believe there’s a time for quitting. There’s plenty of time to drink and relax, but never quitting. He’s the type of guy who wants to kick back and drink the day away, but if there’s work to be done, he’ll usually make the priority and follow orders, as has been the way he’s lived his whole pirate life.

When the Darksail pirates successfully stole the Laak NaOrren from the city of Orrenvor, under the lead of the current leader, Captain Sylence, Sid was stationed on Fort Flint with the other available pirates to watch for any guard activity until they figured out the stone’s magic. Eventually, a rowboat with a small group of mercenaries came in and wiped out the force of Darksail pirates and their captain, but spared Sid for his lack of hostile intent. This crew eventually ended up stealing the ship Sid was stationed on (The DSS Scarecrow) which was renamed ‘The Phoenix’, which Sid is currently a member of to this day.


Sid Ratliff

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