Red 'Sharkbait' Feranth

The Last Dragon Warrior


Race: Human
Status: Unknown (Last seen Alive)


Red is a human warrior who was once affiliated with a small gang who operated on the outskirts of Orrenvor. On the Vorian holiday, Casma NaLeille, Red and a collective gang dressed up in dragon-like armor and stole people’s bags of treats and candies. This gang called themselves the Dragon Bandits and were color associated with Red, Blue, Green, Black, and Gold dragons.

A mercenary group tracked the bandits down and killed all but Red and Black, taking them hostage and converting them into slaves for their ship, The Phoenix. There, Red was quickly given the nickname ‘Sharkbait’ by the crew, and did remote and mediocre tasks along with Black. At one night, he was placed in a room alone with Black and an old man who was supposedly to watch them. Black and Red felt as though they could escape, and went to fight the old man. Their actions woke the rest of the crew, who eventually knocked the two out. When Red awoke, he found himself tied to the main mast of the ship, and knew he would have to one day escape the hell he found himself in.

Roped into battling for the crew during a crucial escort mission, Black and Red went to the front lines of the boarding party in an attempt to gain The Phoenix crew’s trust. Red and Black fought bravely, but to Red’s surprise, his friend Black was cut down and killed in the fight. Enraged, Red finished the fight out to the end and swore vengeance for his fallen friends. After the battle, Red was promoted to a full member of the Phoenix crew for his act of bravery and allegiance to the crew.


Red 'Sharkbait' Feranth

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