Mr. Bobshadovahkiin (A.k.a. Bob)

Born of Dragons


Race: Elf
Status: Alive


“This is totally part of the pirate mod I installed. I’m only wrong like 80% of the time.”

A strange elf with a past of complete mystery, Mr. Bobshadovahkiin was a very powerful opponent. After being hunted down by The Phoenix crew, Mr. Bob decided it would be a fun adventure to join the pirates on their future adventures.

Mr. Bobshadovahkiin uses his signature orange thession energy sword and golden key-like sword. He also carries a back-up staff of strange origin, which nobody has seen operate and live but himself. The Phoenix crew witnessed it produce loud music for about twelve seconds before it was cut off. Mr. Bob also heavily relies on his compatriots (which he refers to as ‘The Peanut Gallery’) and his mystical, magical shouts. Mr. Bob is one of the few men in all of the Frontier who have unlocked the ancient power of the Words of Power, an ancient form of magic practiced by powerful Vorian mages. While it takes years to learn just one word of power, Mr. Bob claims he can do it within seconds; a feat otherwise impossible to any mortal being. The sheer amount of power in this one being is uncanny; he’s not just an elf with a mohawk.


Mr. Bobshadovahkiin (A.k.a. Bob)

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