Thession Crimson Brigade Captain


Race: Thession
Status: Alive


“Do you understand how powerful the Crimson Brigade is? We are an elite grade of Thessions. Powerful enough to fry your rotten bones and send you back to whatever foul pit you crawled out from.”

Damodar is the Thession’s Crimson Brigade Captain. He looks over an airship called “Darminth’s Wrath” and some of the Queen’s finest swordsmen. He wears a full set of demon armor besides a helmet, as he prefers to see his victims with his own, unfiltered eyes. Not much else is known about him right now.

When he was last spotted by the party, Damodar and the Thessions robbed them of an entire cave filled with Thessialice crystals. When his ship was hit with an explosion, he decided to lay waste to the crew members he could see (which ended up knocking out Yoblin and disintegrating Mahkoroh Grogro). Eventually, Maxamillion Leonidis Glorybringer ended up surrendering himself and joining Damodar’s crew, and hasn’t been seen since…


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