Captain Jay "Bronze" Johnson

Dirty Captain


Race: Human
Status: Dead (Killed by Aphena)


“What have I done? You should ask what I haven’t done. My swords have penetrated and taken over plenty’a places and my crew has laid their mark on countless occasions if you catch my drift.”

Jay Johnson, otherwise known as “Bronze Johnson”, is a pirate captain of the notorious ship known as the RohkaVoon. He’s a dangerous man who has been known to mercilessly kill, plunder, rape, steal, and everything under the sun a pirate does. While he docks his ship openly in cities and settlements, he tends to keep his men away from places like the capital or the royals, as they might recognize the captain and have him arrested (or at least attempt an arrest).

The RohkaVoon itself always welcomes new crewmates so long as you can follow the captain’s rules; Don’t cause trouble amongst the crew, Don’t sneak and do things behind the captain’s back, Don’t see the royals, and Have the time of your life.
Few have lived to tell the tale of what happens when Johnson is through with a crewmate. Some say they take him into the bottom level of the ship and chop them up into pieces, others say they toss them overboard and leave them in the middle of the ocean to be eaten alive. And some rumors are best…left unmentioned…

Johnson always has a big smile on his face that makes the average man nervous, as it always looks like he has a plot. He also always dons his red trench coat (which he wears open to reveal his bare chest), and his signature flaming scimitars which he calls his “Love Makers”. Watch your backs for this dangerous scoundrel.

It was during a mission that ‘The Phoenix’ was making a guard mission for two supply ships that the RohkaVoon and Phoenix collided and had an epic confrontation. Eventually, the RohkaVoon crew was overpowered and Bronze Johnson killed by the Phoenix’s captain, Aphena. The RohkaVoon was looted and sank to the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again.

Captain Jay "Bronze" Johnson

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