The Frontier - Aquatic Adventure (Phoenix Group)

The Story Thus Far

So who wants to give recap?

Our story began in the Vorian city known as Orrenvor; the famous City-by-the-Sea. Coming from various parts in the city, the party found themselves all under one roof; the Seaside Inn. A sea-worthy sonoran swashbuckler known as Nestrys began looking around the bar for potential crew members on a new crew he was planning to start. No interesting results until he found a leprechaun by the name of Toren, who haggled for a rather large share of whatever treasure they find, to which Nestrys agreed. Scoping out the ships, the two found a large ship loaded with cannons, crew, and golden sails which was named the RohkaVoon. By circumstance, the captain of the ship, Captain Jay “Bronze” Johnson, was looking for new members, and accepted Nestrys and Toren on their crew. Shortly after becoming acquainted with the crew, the two found work from the innkeeper, who had lost his prized family heirloom sword when goblins had stolen it, and offered a very high reward for such a quest. The two rested up and set out the next day.

Toren and Nestrys found themselves inside Jagged Tooth Cave, where the goblins who stole the sword were hiding away in. In the first chamber, the two found the body of the first mate on Johnson’s crew, which Nestrys hated anyway, and considered it a win. Inside, after fighting their way through waves of goblins, they stumbled upon an imprisoned lynxman warrior, and let him out. The lynxman introduced himself as S’teru, and the three joined forces to find the sword. After carving their way through the rest of the cave, the three found themselves in the final chamber, with many goblins, including a red goblin with black tattoos and the double-edged sword they were looking for. Nestrys, camouflaging, slipped past the oncoming waves of goblins and began locking in combat with the boss. S’teru was stuck behind the goblins and tried to get past them but couldn’t. Toren decided he had too much at stake to lose and retreated to a previous chamber. After a worthy struggle, Nestrys was stabbed through the stomach by the red goblin (Maulblin), and was dropped unconscious and bleeding out. S’teru, enraged by the sight, carved his way through the rest of the goblins and single-handedly defeated the red goblin. Using his last potion, S’teru brought Nestrys back to consciousness (only barely).

After regrouping and exiting the cave, the three got more acquainted and then paid for the job they had completed. Toren took it upon himself to buy a stock of healing potions, as he used most of them to revive Nestrys at various times during the last quest. When Nestrys noticed this, he told Toren to “never be the one to pick me up again”, as when Toren would revive a friendly, he would charge a tax. Nestrys said this, assuming S’teru would be the one to pick him back up, like he did in the last adventure.

The other quest lead the group had an idea of was over at the king’s palace. Upon gaining audience, the king of Orrenvor told the group of the grave danger the city was currently in. Several days prior, a large pirate group known as the Dark Sail Pirates stole the prized gem of Orrenvor, known as the Laak NaOrren (Stone of the Sea). It was believed by the ancients that the Laak NaOrren possessed an ancient magic power that kept the city from devouring the land. While the king told them he wasn’t sure that was the case, he doesn’t want to run the risk of an ancient magic outbreak, and doesn’t want the citizens to worry or think the city doesn’t get anything done. The party accepted the quest and went back to inform their captain.

Upon coming back to the RohkaVoon, the party found they made a bit of an error. Captain Johnson informed the party that they are not to affiliate with the royalty of any city. He let everyone off with a warning and told them not to let it happen again. Johnson also accepted S’teru on his crew, making him an official crew-mate. The party went back into the city and rented out a row-boat which they took out to Flint Isle, the city-guard fort that the Dark Sails had taken over a few days ago. After a few hours, the party boarded the island and began carving their way through pirates outside the fort.

Nestrys planned his first floor assault, which began with him drinking a potion of fire breath. When he kicked in the door, trident drawn, he found a table of four pirates, three of which, fired their crossbows and hit Nestrys. When they got close enough for close-quarter combat, Nestrys released his breath of fire, knocking down one of the pirates (he really didn’t understand ‘stop, drop, and roll’) and scorching the others severely. Unfortunately, the other pirates put in enough combined effort to drop Nestrys unconscious once more. When S’teru busted in after, he single-handedly dropped the remaining pirates and began searching the room. Toren approached the body of Nestrys and heavily considered his next move. He knew he couldn’t pick Nestrys back up (as was part of his deal), so he instead decided to get revenge for all the deals Nestrys broke, and killed the sonoran in cold blood by shooting his sling right between his eyes, killing him instantly. S’teru noticed what had happened and told Toren he wouldn’t break a deal, and not to worry about that happening with him.

The one pirate who didn’t attack was still at the table drinking, who was approached by S’teru and Toren. When asked why he wasn’t attacking, the man drunkly told them he didn’t care and he was too old to fight. The two asked if he would be willing to come back with them since the guard would arrest him otherwise once their job was done. The old man, introducing himself as Sid Ratliff, agreed to tag along with the two, whenever their job was done. With this in mind, Sid waited as S’teru and Toren climbed the tower.

Further up the tower, S’teru and Toren found themselves in a room with a prison cell (a prisoner currently locked inside). When the guard backed up against the cell to shoot at the intruders, the prisoner, a young half-elf woman, grabbed him and pinned him up against the bars, whispering abyssal in an intimidation attempt. S’teru, as was his job, dropped the guard and stayed watch at the door. Toren grabbed the prisoner’s belonging in the chest near the door and returned them to the prisoner, who introduced herself as Aphena Gnix. Toren released Aphena, and she decided to join the group on their quest.

Finally, at the top floor of the tower, the party came face to face with another sonoran. This sonoran was their target and Dark Sail Captain, Captain Sylence. After drawing his great axe, he camouflaged himself and quickly struck S’teru, injuring him greatly. The battle raged on, and Sylence turned his attention to Toren, and within a few seconds, struck him to the ground and took the time to finish the job, decapitating Toren and killing him. Sylence and S’teru went back to clashing blades, but with all his wounds, S’teru couldn’t take the pain anymore, and went unconscious. Without the push room for finishing the job, Sylence quickly turned to Aphena, hoping to quickly finish her off. Aphena used her fast moves and quick reflexes to avoid Sylence’s attacks, and finally dug the final crossbow bolt needed to drop and kill the evil captain. After picking S’teru back up, Aphena retrieved the Laak NaOrren from Sylence’s body, and marked a tally on her crossbow, naming it “The Captain Killer”.

Noticing the captain’s ship was still in port, Aphena and S’teru decided it would be best to steal the ship and re-purpose it as their own. The two returned to the first floor to get Sid again, and went down to the ship, known as the ‘DSS Scarecrow’. Upon searching the ship for any survivors, the party found one remaining pirate. When they entered the kitchen, the group found a tall, burly half-orc stirring a soup in a pot, wearing an apron who told them, “Dinner will be ready in another hour.” Aphena asked if he knew his crew was dead, and after a pause, he replied that he knew. The chef told them he didn’t care for much of the crew, and would simply follow whoever currently owned the ship. The half-orc introduced himself as Mahkoroh Grogro before going back to his cooking. The crew found some regular white sails in the ship’s hold so they wouldn’t be blasted to smithereens trying to return to Orrenvor.

Sailing back to Orrenvor, the crew safely docked their new ship in port, which Aphena wanted to rename ‘ The Phoenix’. The reason for this was the ship was metaphorically killed and reborn as a new ship from the ashes of the old (along with personal reasons from Aphena’s past). The crew were admitted audience to return to the king, interrupting his current meeting with a goblin he was about to send on the same quest. After being paid for their job well done, the king rewarded the crew also by not confiscating the ship, allowing the group to keep it for their own. They were also offered to put that ship to use by doing an escort mission for the king in a few days, escorting a merchant ship to the city of Tohkvor, which was about a day of sailing. The crew accepted and began prepping the ship for their new mission. After their meeting, the crew were approached by the goblin talking to the king, who introduced himself as Yoblin. Yoblin was interested in joining the party in their endeavors, believing these people were quite capable of doing hard work.

After this meeting, however, S’teru alerted the group with sad news. After much thought, S’teru decided he would take his money and retire to become a fisherman. He had witnessed too much death of those he was close to, and didn’t want to keep fighting a losing battle. The crew allowed him his leave, and decided to keep on recruiting others to fill the gap. With this in mind, the crew split up into those who would upgrade the ship and those who would go recruiting.

On the upgrading end, the first thing that had to be done was new sails and a new name physically added to the ship. With a trip to the harbormaster, Yoblin and Grogro bought new crimson-red sails and paid to have the name of the ship physically changed to The Phoenix. After a few hours, this simple task was done, and the ship’s new look was complete. On the recruiting side, Aphena dropped by the Seaside Inn, looking for adventurers willing to join her crew. The one person she found who was truly strong enough for Aphena’s taste (and actually willing to join), was a young human woman with a pistol at her side who went by the name of Dorothy Warner. The two got to talking about their goals, and Dorothy decided to join The Phoenix crew.

On the way back to the ship to get some sleep, the crew noticed the town setting up orange and black decorations and banners, assuming some sort of festival was upon them. When they woke up the next day, the party found out that the city was celebrating an ancient vorian holiday known as Casma NaLeille. The holiday was an ancient vorian tradition, and today is celebrated as a one-day event, where children and adults alike dress up in fantastical costumes representing animals and monsters and go to homes and call out, “Casma cudla!” and receive a small candy or treat for their costume (representing the feast that used to be held for those who were transformed). While out and looking for treats and fun, the group heard a cry for help from a woman who just had her candy bag stolen. Quick to react, the Phoenix crew jumped into action and tracked down the thief (who was described as a man wearing a red dragon costume).

On their way, the group ran into two mercenaries hunting down the same group. One was a woman with a composite bow who didn’t share her name, and a burly, huge man (bigger than Grogro) who would give his name, but didn’t remember it (later found he suffered amnesia and short-term memory loss). The two forces joined into one right before finding the culprits behind the city stables. When they rounded the corner, the group found five men, all in different-colored dragon costumes. The two forces quickly clashed, putting up a good fight for the Phoenix crew. Eventually, most of the dragon-clad bandits were dropped, and the last one standing surrendered. He didn’t live for ten more seconds before dying to a well-placed arrow shot by a cold-hearted sniper woman.

When Grogro approached Aphena, he had two dragon bandits still alive, but unconscious, and suggested she take them on the ship as slaves. Aphena agreed, took their weapons, and tossed them into a room on the ship and left Sid to guard them. The crew awoke that night when they heard sounds of combat in the prison-room. Where Sid was getting beaten down by the red and black dragon-clad bandits. The crew quickly knocked the red dragon bandit out and the black dragon bandit surrendered and apologized. Grogro decided to put him to work and make the black-dragon bandit his cooking assistant. Others took the other bandit to the top of the ship and securely tied him to the biggest sail post. When he came to consciousness, he swore vengeance for his fallen friends and demanded to see his last remaining friend. Yoblin told this bandit that if he kept up the yelling, he would feed him to the sharks (thusly giving him the nickname ‘Sharkbait’). When asked for their names, the black dragon went by his codename Black while the red dragon told them his codename and real name was Red.

The next day, the Phoenix’s new job was to get cannons for their ship, as the escort mission was two days away. When the crew went to buy them from the harbormaster, they found they didn’t even have the money for two cannons. Aphena made an offer to the harbormaster; if she left him with all of the muscle on her ship for general labor for the day, he would knock off the price of the cannons so they could afford them. The harbormaster agreed and began putting Grogro, Red, Black, and Sid to work while Yoblin helped organize. Aphena and Dorothy took the day off and decided to go have some fun with a drinking game.

On the working side, Yoblin stayed with the harbormaster and organized the men where needed, Grogro and Sid led the strong-side of the physical labor (Sid dominating by demonstrating how he could carry a log on each shoulder!) and Red and Black pulled up behind, after being beaten up last night, having little sleep, and overall feeling weak. Red passed out three times during the day from exhaustion, and the crew tried to get him to stay up and awake. Meanwhile, on ladies’ night out, Aphena and Dorothy got to know each other a little more over a little target practice/drinking game. The two would go about target practice as normal, and whenever someone would miss, they would take a drink. The first would to pass out drunk was the loser. After a lot of laughter and chaos, Aphena (half-buzzed) narrowly snagged the victory as Dorothy passed out drunk on the ground. Ecstatic with her victory, she picked Dorothy up and helped her back home. Everyone reconvened aboard the Phoenix, where Aphena was happy to see the sight of new cannons being lowered into the ship; a good day’s work from her crew.

Finally, the day had arrived to take the merchant ships to Tohkvor. Armed and ready to go, the Phoenix and the merchant ships headed out of port, saying good-bye to Orrenvor. After a little while, someone spotted a ship on the horizon, headed toward them. They noticed golden sails and as they realized to was the RohkaVoon, it was already firing their cannons. The Phoenix’s first ship battle had begun. Cannon fire flew from both sides, projectiles and explosions filled the air. Aphena called to ram the RohkaVoon and fight crew-to-crew directly.

As the two ships clashed, so did the two awaiting forces. No crew was able to advance very far off their ship before being beaten back. When Captain “Bronze” Johnson made his appearance, he brandished his Lovemakers (his swords) and charged forward. Grogro, already weakened from fighting the front-line troops, felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Red who told him, “Let us handle this.” Grogro trusted them and fell back, letting Red and Black take the front lines. The two stood side-by-side (Teamwork feats!) romperstomping the enemy crew and preparing themselves for Johnson. As Johnson made his first strikes, the two dragon-clad bandits tried their heart out to withstand his powerful blows. Finally, Johnson got the perfect cut in on Black, killing him and dropping his body into the water below. Even an enraged Red wasn’t enough to take down the Captain, and went unconscious himself. Grogro stepped up, respecting of the dragon-bandit’s sacrifice, and knocked Johnson unconscious. Aphena approached with her loaded crossbow pointed at his head, saying only “Now you’ll know what it’s like to have something penetrate you.” before shooting him in the head and scratching a second tally onto ‘The Captain Killer’.

The crew made a short stop in the city of Zan-Dee-Go, where the merchant ships thanked the Phoenix for their valiant defense. As far as adventures in Zan-Dee-Go, Chef Grogro found a kitchen being run by what the locals claimed as ‘The Best Chef this side of the Frontier!’. Grogro, eager to test their skills, challenged him to a cook-off. The loser cooked for the winner. Everyone of the crew and some of the locals gathered around and placed bets. The cook-off was a worthy battle of 3 different courses, but sadly, Grogro came up short on the last course, and lost the contest. The chefs shook hands, and Grogro began cooking for the restaurant for the rest of their break. It should be noted that with his winnings, Sid was able to afford enough ale to last him a lifetime, and keeps it in his room. Yoblin tried to start the main city quest and only got one quest in, single-handedly, because nobody else seemed to care. After that, the group left to finish their quest in Tohkvor. Before getting to the city, however, Aphena made her decision of who would be her First Mate. After carefully thinking out all her options, Aphena decided she would take Dorothy Warner as her First Mate. Dorothy was ecstatic and thanked her captain very much for the decision.

An uneventful sail later, the Phoenix met the ports of Tohkvor by nightfall. The next morning, the crew went and received their pay from the king of the city and learned about their next big source of income; a wanted criminal in the city known as “Green Blood”. A goblin cutpurse who steals from the richest people on the streets. He’s never been captured and somehow avoids all chases and investigations, and the city was offering a high reward for such reasons. The crew decided to set out later that day to look around for the criminal.

Aphena sent Dorothy out to get building supplies so that the Phoenix could build a prison. On that note, the crew decided Red proved his loyalty by risking his life in the fight against Johnson and was made an official member of the crew. When Dorothy returned, she informed Aphena she was robbed of her 500 gp on the way to the store. Angered by this news, Aphena mobilized everyone into a Green Blood-hunting force and set out to find the criminal and get their money back.

On the way, the crew met a woman standing at the port with her pet monkey who introduced herself as Kitty Thundersnatch. Kitty and the party decided they would team up to take down Green Blood and collect his reward. She didn’t show that much of an interest in joining the crew, however, so the cooperation was purely the means to an end.

After hours of searching, the crew actually witnessed Green Blood strike and nab the purse of a richer citizen on the streets. As the man cried for the guards, the Phoenix crew immediately began the chase. Realizing he had new pursuers, Green Blood had to think fast, and began using his advanced parkour skills to scale walls and ran along rooftops. The crew did their best to keep up, and most of them did so, while others fell to the ground and continued from below. Eventually, Green Blood dashed into the trees and jumped branch to branch. Everyone did their best to keep up, the best pursuer being Kitty, unfortunately, she finally lost the trail, and the crew made it to the over-crowded poor district without a trace of the goblin.

Tired and upset, the Phoenix crew returned to the ship to go to sleep, and Kitty returned to her rented room in The Iron Bar. The next morning, guards approached the Phoenix, asking to do a simple search. When asked, the guards informed the crew that there was a big robbery yesterday of a nobleman’s jewlery and they’ve been ordered to check homes and ships. Grogro began to loudly groan and complain, as he could see the plot from a mile away. As the guards continued their search, in the hull, the stolen jewlery was found. When interrogated, Aphena said the crew was in the rich district yesterday (where the robbery was). The guards took the crew under arrest for robbery and began escorting them to one of the biggest prisons in the Frontier; the Munta NaOddepo



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