The Frontier - Aquatic Adventure (Phoenix Group)

Jail Break! Part 2

03/16/15 Session

“If you want me to take your clothes off, give me the badge.” -Maxamillion Leonidas Glorybringer to Yoblin

Today was the second part of the Phoenix’s mission to break out of the Munta NaOdeppo prison in Tohkvor. As the party continued to struggle and survive fending off against the prison guard, a very peculiar encounter happened. On the first floor, Mahkoroh and Aphena were caught by a guard who entered the room with them, but he didn’t arrest them or give them any mind. He simply checked a few lockers and dashed back upstairs. Confused, the two left to go help their friends.

Combat ensued, Kitty’s monkey fell, and one hero rose above the rest to defeat the guards; the mysterious guard Mahkoroh and Aphena met on the first floor. Eventually cornering one guard down, the mysterious (friendly?) guard picked up the body of another guard and decapitated it to intimidate the last remaining enemy. Afraid by the sight, the guard said “M-Max, what the hell are you doing, man??” to which the guard (Max?) replied with silence and an arrow. He missed, but Dorothy finished him off with a bolt to his back.

Mysterious Max, at least as we know him for now, collected up the guard badges from the dead guards and gathered up the people who had broken out that he could get a hold of; Red, Dorothy, Kitty, and Yoblin. He said he’d be willing to help out with the party’s endeavor if they cooperated. Max told Red to go get his friends from downstairs.

Red, doing so, found Mahkoroh and Aphena gazing upon the sight of their compatriot Jorvald completely beaten to death by the rougher prisoners he had let out. After assessing the situation and assuring they too didn’t get beaten up, the crew and prisoners went separate ways. Reuniting, Max removed their prison jumpsuits and the crew re-equipped themselves. Max also gave them the idea of walking out of the prison disguised as guards. Max shoved Yoblin and Kitty’s monkey in a bag and told Aphena’s bird to regroup at their ship.

Upon entering the courtyard, nobody fired any weapons immediately, which was a good sign. When approaching the gate, two gate guards were suspicious about the group of guards, but (somehow) believed Max when he said he was just going into town to sell “goblin parts”. The rest of the party passed through the gate except Mahkoroh, who was asked why he was there. He passed a lie about being the new guard and being the cause for all the trouble. The guard let him through and replied, “My god, newbie. You have one god damn job; keep prisoners in these walls. Can you not do your one f*cking job??” As he finished this statement, the gate closed behind them.

Once rejoined on the ship, the Phoenix crew accepted two new members onto their crew; Kitty Thundersnatch (who finally decided to join on after constant running in with the crew), and Max, otherwise known as Maxamillion Leonidas Glorybringer. The crew narrowly escaped the guard and slipped away just north of Tohkvor in the night. When the ship approached a hide-away cove, the crew were intrigued when the cave they found gave off a deep blue-violet glow…


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