The Frontier - Aquatic Adventure (Phoenix Group)

Jail Break! Part 1

03/02/15 Session

Note: Most of this session was in an initiative order, so time seemed to move quite slowly.

As the crew readied themselves with the new knowledge of how to escape their cells, midnight fell once again over the Munta Na Oddepo. When the mysterious beams of lights came through and shined on the symbols in Mahkoroh and Yoblin’s cells, the two managed to escape and began to look for a way out. Kitty, with her lockpick she managed to get hold of, easily broke out of her cell at midnight as well.

Mahkoroh began to look for his captain, and by the time he did, was attacked by guards. Using his deadly fists, was able to fend off for a while. As a guard went to go help take down the wild half-orc, Aphena grabbed the guard through the bars of her cell and slammed him into the door, managing to grab the keys off his person in the process. Mahkoroh, not long before being knocked unconscious, was able to slip Aphena a scimitar through the bars he took from a guard. Aphena, now armed, stabbed the remaining guards outside her cell before they ran off to reinforce another problem arising somewhere else in the prison, leaving her to begin trying to unlock her cell door with 17 identical keys.

While Yoblin and Kitty snuck around on separate levels of the prison, Yoblin managed to run around and get the guards pissed off before running into a dead end. Much to his surprise, Red (armed with Jorvald’s gear) and Dorothy (decked in Aphena’s gear) busted through the door and shot at the guards before running away with Yoblin to look for the others.

Aphena eventually managed to open her cell and went to loot guards to find any potions. When she found one, she gave it to Mahkoroh, who woke up once again. Mahkoroh gave the keyring to Jorvald, who was in the cell across from Aphena. He instructed him to start getting people out, which he agreed and began trying to break himself out while Aphena and Mahkoroh fled to go find others.

Meanwhile, on her own, Kitty managed to find Mahkoroh’s gear and started looking for useful items she could use besides the shiv she had. She began traveling to different floors and going through the lockers to see what she could find. She managed to make mental contact with her monkey familiar, and found both him and Aphena’s bird in the 4th floor offices. She broke both of them out just before guards, Yoblin, Dorothy, and Red busted in.

The session ended with most of the group together and guards ready to start changing tactics…


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