Toren Eldary



Race: Leprechaun
Status: Dead I’m Baaaaack!


Born and raised in a forest cottage just outside Sylville, Toren Eldary was the 11th and youngest son born to a hard working, respectable leprechaun Family. The Eldary’s worked hard to keep up their image and fight the stereotype of Leprechauns being filthy or dishonorable. All except for Toren. Tossed out and disowned by his family, left with no inheritance nor given a coin to live, The young leprechaun had to make his living the hard way. You see, this was a problem for Toren, he and hard work could not be paired. So Toren made his living the Toren way. Never breaking the law, or never getting caught, Toren haunted Sylville for nearly 30 years, loophole-in’ and tricking nearly every bodies coin pouch at least once during his spree. Finally the village had enough of this clever con man and ran him off. For the next 90 years of his life he would go from town to town preying upon the unsuspecting people of The Frontier and honing his skills. Several hundred fine print contracts and riddles later he would finally take a new direction in life.

Shortly thereafter Toren found him self headless on top of a captured Orrenvor Tower.

The End.

Or is it?

By the grace of the gods Toren has gotten his head back, and has washed up on a shore somewhere. Exhausted and Shaken, he shuts his eyes. When he opens them again he is being fished in by Captain Aphena herself, the very lass who let him lose his noggin’ in the first place. Now a prisoner aboard the Pheonix, Toren is ready to take on his new destiny as The Frontier’s Greatest trickster.


Toren Eldary

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