Kitty Thundersnatch

Jack of all trades, master of some of them ;)


Level: 4
Class: Bard (2) Rogue (2)
Race: Half elf
Status: Dead (Death by Yoblin)


“An orc is only half the man that he is, and you are half orc, which makes you a quarter of the man he is” -Kitty’s insult towards Chef GroGro

A redhaired half elf whos agility is rarely matched. If there is something that needs to be done she is the one person you can turn to if you want the job done correctly. Her tactics are flexible, untraditional, and unconventional, She values loyalty, is calm under pressure, being logical over emotional.

Kitty was a notorious pirate crew member of the Jenivere pirate crew, known for being exceptionally capable as a pirate. Excelling at combat from a distance, she is quite agile and knows how take care of herself being able do numberous odd jobs such as assassin, extractor, bounty hunter, carpentry, flecthing, immediate aid, and burglary to name a few. She is most comfortable at sea, able to move without hesitation or caution anywhere on the ship. While being easy on the eyes, she is also easy on the ears, and has been known to be a great singer, knowing numerous sea shanties. She has many admirers, most notability Krunk Warburton, an overly macho mercenary who is responsible for killing every one of the Jenivere pirates… except for her (not from lack of trying mind you.) There are sparks of romance between the two when their paths cross and they fail to kill each other, being responsible for the noticeable scars that they now possess. Kitty’s is a slash across her stomach/waistline that stops at the top of her chasity belt (which is probably the reason for Krunk’s frustration). She only cares for herself, Krunk Warburton, and the crew she is running with, in that order.

Kitty Thundersnatch

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