Welcome to The Frontier

In a land filled with mystery and excitement from its previous people, anything and everything can happen. The island continent in the center of this world is where people of all races and backgrounds have a chance to make the big time. This land is known as The Frontier. Discovered now only a few thousand years ago, and yet not completely explored. Nobody, even with their combined knowledge knows what exactly happened in the land before modern civilization came about. But they do know what has been left behind.

Massive palaces and powerful artifacts left behind by an ancient people called the Vorians are located all over the country. The palaces that have been discovered have been refurbished and re-purposed as town halls and castles, and make up the major settlements of The Frontier. But as far as discovering Vorian artifacts goes, nobody has even scratched the surface. And those who have became rich, famous, and very powerful. And what does it take to find one? The mindset of adventure and an unshakable determination. Such is the way of The Frontier.

Campaign: Aquatic Adventure

Beginning in the famous City By The Sea city of Orrenvor (meaning ‘Seekers of the Sea’ in Zarian), the adventurers will find themselves passage on either their own crew boat, or as the new recruits of another crew. Will they be lawbringers and vigilantees of the seas? Or will they be pirates and scour for treasure by any means necessary? One thing is for certain; there are many enemies and many treasures to be found. Both especially when the crew learn of a secret Vorian treasure by the likes of which no man has ever seen. When disasters strike and danger looks the players in the eye, will they have what it takes to keep their determination on course, or will they be turned with the tide?

The Frontier - Aquatic Adventure (Phoenix Group)

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